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PlayStation 2: The Darkest Faerie Game / Video Game **USED**


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PlayStation 2 The Darkest Faerie Game:

-Join Tormund and Roberta as the protect Neopia from the evil Faerie! Fight evil while travelling and exploring new lands. Use powers and extreme fighting skills to beat off the evil and save the towns people from whatever is to come next. You are there only hope .

-1 Player

-Rated E 10+ for everyone 10+

-2 characters to choose from

-Tormund or Roberta

-Battle vicious dark nights and other mid-evil creatures

-Travel to new lands

-Stop the evil in Neopia

-Analog control

-Vibration function

-pressure sensitive

-For use of Sony playstation 2 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

– There are some small marks on the backside of the disc (silver side). Seller is unsure of the effects these will have on the game.

– Game was not tested by seller.

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