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CanadaWide Liquidations is an online company that sells a wide variety of items across many different categories. We carry thousands of products for you to browse, and we add new products to our online store every single day. There is always something new to see!


We carry household items, clothing, toys, shoes, books, bedding, and much much more! We have 1000’s of products coming in every single week. This ensures that we always have new stock coming in for you to check out! Quantities of products are never guaranteed though, so get it while it lasts! I never know if we will be getting more of not!  

Our goal at CanadaWide Liquidations is to bring you good quality products at reasonable prices. We host sales throughout the year on surplus products, but we also offer savings every single day.


10% off products marked Deals. These products are new but the packaging has some damage. We also offer 15% off on clothing, shoes, and books every single day. Want more savings you say??? Join our newsletter we offer monthly savings to our newsletter family!