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PlayStation 2: Trophy Bucks Game/ Video Game **USED**


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PlayStation 2 Trophy Bucks:

-Go hunting without leaving the house! Gun down amazing trophy species to show off. Adventure to North americas top hunting locations, travel all around to see one of a kind hunting experiences. For heart pounding , palm sweating real life encounters that you get to undergo right on a screen in front of you, It’s almost like you’re there in person.

-1 player

-Rated T for teen

-36 different animal trophies

-24 exciting hunting spots

-96 missions

-24 competitions to show your skills

-5 hunting careers

-Cabela’s hunting gear

-New water hunts

-Heart pounding action

-Trigger finger skills

-Record trophy bucks to show off

-Test out calls and dogs to bring in specific species

-Analog control

-Vibration function

-For use of SONY Playstation 2, 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

No signs of damage to the back of the disc seen by seller

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