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PlayStation2 : Red Faction Greatest Hits Game/ Video Game **USED**


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PlayStation2  Red Faction Greatest Hits Game:

-Welcome to Mars you have 20 missions to complete. Collect all the keys to unlock doors. But most important mission of them all destroy the bridge! with 15 of the worlds best weapons of destruction this should not be hard. Join the revolution,  Hijack up to 5 lethal weapons to aid you on you way to save man kind.

-1-2 Players

-Rated M for mature

-20 levels

-Hijacked 5 fulled armed vehicles to use to your advantage

-unlock 15 weapons

-Multiplayer mode

-Locate keys to unlock doors

-Make your own doors

-Destroy the bridge

-Analog and digital control

-Vibration function

-For use of Sony playstation 2 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

Seller sees no signs of wear or damage to the disc

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