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PlayStation 2: The Incredibles Game / Video Game **USED**


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PlayStation 2 The Incredibles Game:

-Join the family, As an Incredible you have the honour to protect the city. Stoping bad guys is not your only issue tho, you will also get sent on secret missions, have special tasks and have to always watch your back. You never know who’s watching. Complete levels and use your power to stop the evil and save the day.

-1 Player

-Rated t for teen

-Strength, speed, force and stretch powers

-Choose from 4 different characters

-Try out all the super powers

-18 levels to pass

-Watch out for endless villains

-Robots are constantly watching your every move and ready to attack

-Top secret assignments

-Analog control

-Vibration function

-For use of Sony playstation 2 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

– There are some minor scratches on the backside of the disc (silver side).

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