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PlayStation 2: Sly 3 Greatest Hits Game / Video Game **USED**


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PlayStation 2 Sly 3 Greatest Hits Game:

-Help sly and his gang of bandits continue to steal and be mischievous. Avoid getting caught thought, run , hide and sneak away from anything that could get you in trouble. This is the biggest heist yet and also includes brand new team members, as well as new moves and thieving tricks up their sleeves. You can now play with a friend on spilt screen! be careful you can steal from each other for more added fun. The only place where it is okay to be a thief!

-1-2 players

-Split screen mode

-Rated E10+ for everyone 10+

-Experience all the same Sly actions buy now in 3D

-Head to head competition that allow you to steal from each others screens

-New sly attacks some include, overhead smash &dive spin

-Use special tools and power to avoid the cops

-Pressure sensitive

-Analog control

-Vibration function

-For use of Sony playstation 2 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

– There are some very minor scartches on the backside of the disc (silver side).

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