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Play Station 2: Rapala ProBass Fishing Game / Video Game **USED**


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Play Station 2 Rapala ProBass Fishing Game:

-Become a pro fisher over night! Practice in the free fishing game before joining the tournament. Try out what lures and rods work best for you and catch the biggest fish. Join tournaments against real like pros, this competition has one objective the person to catch the biggest and most fish win the trophy!

-1 Player

-Rated E for everyone

-Compete in tournaments

-Play against pro fishers

-Catch the biggest fish take home the trophy

-3 Seasons with 4 tiers in each event

-Free fishing where you test out your skills before joining tournaments

-Customize your gear and tackle

-Pressure sensitive

-Analog control

-Digital control

-Vibration function

-For use of Sony playstation 2 128 bit system

Condition Note:

– Game comes in original case. Case has been opened.

– There are some very minor scratches on the backside of the disc (silver side).

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