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Weiser Keyed Entry Door Lever: Ashfield Style in Rustic Bronze / Door Handle

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Weiser Keyed Entry Door Lever / Door Handle

Style: Ashfield Style Lever

Colour: Rustic Bronze

Location: Keyed Entry


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This door lever is a Keyed Entry meant for main entry ways, in which you want key locked. This lock is a smart keyed lock, in which you can set it up to have the same keys as what you currently already have in your house! This feature saves changing all your locks when you may only need one changed. 

– Fits all standard  doors 

– Fits 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ doors

– Its a simple installation, all you need is a screwdriver 

– 9GCL5350-003

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Brand New

These have been stored in our warehouse and so the packaging may have some damage. 

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