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Time For Machine DIY "Marvel Tank 2" Metal Building Model


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Age: 14+

Model: Marvel Tank 2

Number of Parts: 140 pieces

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Time For Machine DIY “Marvel Tank 2” Metal Building Model


  • Time for Machine is a Ukraine Based Company that specializes in 3D Building Model Kits, and this is apart of their new series. This 3D model is not made out of your typical wood, but metal.
  • This model is the Marvel Tank Version, made of stainless steel, 140 pieces to put together, 141x 63x48mm
  • This model does have wind up mechanisms that allow the model to have moving features. Designed by inspirations from the First World War this Marvel Tank is scaled 1:56 to size.

**** This product does not come with the toolkit to build this item. Best recommended to have a set of small pliers to handle the smaller pieces, also a small file. These pieces are metal, and it is absolutely recommended that you have a small file to be able to file all edges of pieces to avoid cuts. ****

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