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Safdie Children’s Throw Blanket & Stuffed Animal Sets



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Collection: Hugs and Throw Set

Options: Shark or Unicorn

Blanket Size: 50″ x 60″

Colours: Blue & Pink/Purple

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Safdie Kid’s Throw Blanket an Stuffed Animal Set

– Add a splash of colour into your home with this one of these animal themed throw blankets! Perfect for your child’s bedroom or playroom. These blankets also come with a plush toy that is perfect for all animal lovers!

– Your home will look so cute with one of these animal themed blankets in it. This blanket does not have to be limited to your child’s bedroom, use it in your living room or keep it in your car so you always have a blanket with you on the go!


  • Soft
  • Cuddly
  • Throw blanket comes wrapped up between the animal
  • Plush Toy: 12″
  • 100% polyester

Condition Note:

Brand New

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