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Mason Jar Travel Mug Set | Includes Handmade Reusable Glass Straw with Clearer and Stainless Steel Lid


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Transforms a classic mason jar to a travel mug with a simple screw on lid and a reuseable glass straw.

Set comes with bristled cleaning brush to clean your straw with.

Comes in two sizes 9.5mm and 12mm

Reusable 9.5mm Straws for your thin liquids like juice or pop and 12mm thickness for thicker drinks like milkshakes and smoothies.

Glass Straws are handmade in Vancouver with Borosilicate glass that is laboratory grade. Extra strong for durability.

Great for kids that like to spill a lot. 

Jar lids come with a rubber ring that creates a seal around the straw.

BPA Free and Non-Toxic



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Weight 0.975 kg