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Little Hotties Toe Warmer / 5 Hr / Adhesive / 30 Pairs / All Natural / Air-Activated

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Little Hotties Toe Warmer

Usage: 5 Hour

Pieces: 30 Pair

Contents: Iron Powder, Water, Salt, Activated Charcoal, and Vermiculate


  • Little Hotties the Brand Name in Toe Warmers.
  • Keeps Toes warm for 5 straight hours then toss them. They are disposable.
  • 1 box contains 30 Pairs.
  • Whether you are a winter athlete, construction worker or hunting, Little Hotties¬† Toe Warmers will keep your toes warm!
  • Little Hotties uses Iron Oxide to produce heat, once exposed to air. All ingredients are contained in a Polypropylene bag.
  • Can Take up to 20 mins to come to full heat
  • All-natural ingredients that are safe and odorless

Condition Note:

– Comes in original, sealed packaging. Packaging has some wear and tear due to warehouse storage and movement.

– Box has some dents and cellophane around the outside that has been torn.

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