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Kids Kraft Building Bricks Storage Table / Play and Store / Espresso Colour / Storage Bins


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Kids Kraft Storage Table: 

– Does your little one like to build models? Are they like my little ones that have 100’s of pieces of building blocks that always end up all over the floor? This is a must have for you then! 

– This storage table comes with the boards on top so they can build their model right on top of the table. It also comes with storage bins on the bottom so their extra building blocks are close by and when they are finished building can be put right underneath the table and out of the way!! 

– This table opens up so that you can have two different play zones, or close it up for one big play zone. If their not done creating their master piece, open up the table and place it in the storage bins to finish later, and its same from being destroyed! 

Comes with: 

– espresso and slide out table 

– 4 storage bins 

– 200 building blocks 

– Recommended for children 3+ 

Condition Note: 

Brand New- box may have some wear due to warehouse storage

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Weight 13 kg