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Gingko Alarm Clock with Natural Wood Design



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Built in rechargeable battery, and USB included

12 or 24 hour clock display

Product size: 115x 70x 36 mm/ 4.25″x 2.75″x 1.42

This alarm clock is produced with natural wood material, and not only serves the purpose of keeping you on time, but with its modern design it will be the sexiest thing in your bedroom!

Available in Walnut or White Birch.

This flip clock is designed to make your life as simple as possible. When the Gingko logo shows on the top of your alarm clock that shows you your alarm isn’t set. When the alarm clock logo shows on top, your alarm clock is set. No more stressing if you set your alarm anymore, checking and re-checking to see if its set. A simple look at your clock, and you will be able to tell.

Every get annoyed with how bright your clock is at night?? This flip clock display will disappear when it detects no noice, and will re-appear when it senses a touch, or hears a cheerful noice.

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