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Funky Rock Granite Dispenser Stand


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Sizes: Short or Tall

Colours: Grey, Black


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Funky Rock Company Granite Dispenser Stand


  • Intended for use with the Stone Granite dispenser by Funky Rock Designs
  • Funky Rock Designs creates art that is both beautiful and functional.
  • Each product is unique and not on is like the other.
  • Made from all naturally sourced ocean and river stones found of the New England coast.
  • The Body is made of pure granite. You can literally use it anywhere.
  • ¬†Granite stands come in two heights. Short and tall. Short for when you’re pouring whiskey, vodka, and other spirits. The tall is for wine night when you need to be able to get a wine glass under the spout.
  • Dispensers pictured not included in the purchase.

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Brand new

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Weight 8.8 kg