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First Line 4 Pack 1.5″ Binders



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4 Binders

1.5″ Binders

Varying Colours within One Pack


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First Line Binders

– Back to school is right around the corner! Make sure you’re prepared with all of the supplies you or your child may need! These binders are perfect for students! The slim width makes it easy to fit into a back pack or locker and they can use a different colour for each subject!

– Binders are also so handy to have around the office! They keep you so organized and make papers and forms easy to find. This pack of 4 is perfect as there are 4 different colours in this pack, making it easy to colour code various topics!

– A great way to up your organization in your home office, at work or at school!


  • 4 pack
  • 1.5″ binders
  • D Ring
  • Each binder has a hole on the end for ease of use
  • Colours within pack: Red, Blue, Black, Grey
  • Binders are a harder material for durability

Condition Note:

Comes in original, sealed packaging

Cellophane around the outside has been torn

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Weight 1.1 kg

Damaged Box