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Everest Toys Crazy Forts Princess Playset Building Set


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AGe: 5+

Number in Set: 69 Pieces

Princess Playset

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Everest Toys Crazy Forts Building Set

– This building set is perfect for any child that loves to build forts! Use your creativity to build a unique fort that your little one will spend hours playing in. To take your fort to the next level, add blankets and bedsheets to the walls for a new level of fun!

– Help your little one build their very own princess castle with this awesome building kit! There are endless ways to build forts and other structures with this set.


  • Princess Playset
  • Indoor/outdoor toy
  • DIY building kit
  • Building structures
  • Complete set


  • 25 balls
  • 44 sticks

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Weight 1.7 kg


New, Damaged Box