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Crayola Super Art Tub / Kid's Arts and Crafts Supplies / Colouring Supplies


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Crayola Super Art Tub

– Put your creativity to work with this Super Art Tub to create some beautiful pieces of art. 

– Let your child design you a picture, or make it a family craft day with this huge tub of Crayola art supplies.

– Make a masterpiece to display throughout your home!

– Everything you need to colour, draw and create your own original artwork.


  • 1 caddy
  • 12 mini Silly Scents Twistables crayons
  • 1 colouring book (96 pages)
  • 12 coloured pencils
  • 20 super tips washable markers
  • 10 washable broad-line markers
  • 5 washable glitter glue
  • 24 crayons 

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- Brand new

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