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Aldo Women's Sneaker Sandal Shoe / Zeldee / Bright Yellow / Various Sizes


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Aldo Women’s Sneaker Sandal Shoe

– A perfect shoe to wear during these hot summer days! Wear these shoes to the beach or for a walk along the water.

– These shoes definitely speak for themselves and are an eye catcher for sure. The bright colour is perfect for adding that pop of colour you’ve been looking for!

Size: 7, 8

Colour: Bright Yellow/ Green

Style: Zeldee


  • Neoprene upper material
  • Slip on shoe
  • Thick bottom sole
  • Unique shoe

Condition Note:

Brand new

**These shoes do not come with tags attached.

Comes in original box. Box has a small amount of wear and tear due to warehouse storage and movement.

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